Link2Speech Therapy & Behavior Clinic

Valerie alkhafaji Occupational therapist 

Valerie graduated TWU with her B.S. in Occupational Therapy and a minor in Psychology.
Throughout her career, she has attended hundreds of hours of continuing education courses across a great variety of subjects to enrich her understanding of the complexities of human functioning.

Since becoming an O.T. in 1984, she has worked with a wide variety of disabilities. Valerie has worked with 10 school district’s programs, several private clinics/programs, and a developmental center.  She has enjoyed working closely with other disciplines in serving children’s needs including psychologists, behavioral analysts, motor specialists, speech pathologist, vision impairment specialists, music therapists, and incredible teachers. During these partnerships, she gained knowledge and strategies to include in her occupational therapy sessions. Valerie takes pride in being a lifelong learner who believes in pulling from the widest knowledge base possible when addressing individual children’s needs.

When at the clinic, Valerie provides occupational therapy to address the needs of children who struggle with Fine Motor coordination, Visual Perceptual and Visual-Motor skills (including PreWriting and Writing Skills), Self Care and Activities of Daily Living/Functional skills, Sensory Processing, Sensorimotor skills, and Assistive Technology needs.

Valerie loves being part of a great team at Link2Speech. She feels the therapists all share a bond of loving children while empowering each child to excel by finding and working with their own strengths and gifts.