Luz Altamirano: Associate Interventionist

  Link2Speech Therapy & Behavior Clinic

Licensed Associate Interventionist at Link2Speech Therapy Denton, Texas

Luz holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Sciences from Texas Woman’s University. She is working towards obtaining her master’s degree from TWU’s graduate program while also working towards earning her Bilingual Certification in Spanish at the same time.

Luz grew up helping her cousin, who is deaf and utilizes a cochlear implant, communicate with family members in different modalities. This experience helped her decide on her career path to becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Luz has volunteered at Camp CoDE (Computing in Deaf Education) by helping deaf and hard-of-hearing children learn how to utilize coding and other computer applications and volunteering at a 3-month Spanish Immersion Preschool Summer Camp to promote language development in both Spanish and English.

Luz enjoys being able to collaborate with her talents colleagues at the Link2Speech clinic in order to develop the best plans of actions needed to further help each specific child’s needs.  She looks forward to the weekly staff meetings where everyone shards the strides each child has made during the week and sharing ideas and improvements everyone can make on the activities and lessons provided at the clinic. Her favorite part about working with students is getting to see the spark in their eyes when they have an “Aha!” moment that spreads joy across their faces as they finally understand a difficult subject or achieve one of their goals! She loves getting to cheer for them while experiencing the moment with them!

One of her favorite things about being on the team at the clinic is being able to create connections with clients while collaborating and connecting with the parents. She enjoys meeting with the parent at the end of the session to relay what their child did throughout the day, besides talking about other aspects of the child’s life beyond the clinic that could help with seeing progress in future sessions. Luz believes the best way to have a child reach their highest potential during therapy starts with ensuring parents and caregivers are actively involved in the process in and beyond the clinic.

When Luz is not working or studying, she loves spending time with her parents, her brother, and other extended members of her family. Whether it is going out to enjoy some ice cream at the park, going to watch her dad play baseball on the weekends, or going to Sunday Mass⁠—Luz values getting to make priceless memories with her loved ones. She also enjoys knitting, painting, hiking, and making our community a brighter place by picking up trash around parks and lakes.

In her lifetime, she hopes to learn and become proficient in an additional language other than Spanish and American Sign Language. She also hopes to completely convert my life into an environmentally friendly way of living with minimal waste to do her part in improving our environment.